Crystal Healing is the art of laying crystal stones to cleanse the aura, release suppressed emotions and connect the individual to their own source of truth. Crystals, which vibrate at nature’s prime level, when placed on the corresponding physical energy center called a chakra, bring the vibrational level up to, or back down, to its prime level. The stones become crystalized light forms that, when placed on the chakras, act as a catalyst to integrate more light and energy into the energies of the human aura, which dissolves and dissipates suppressed emotions and neutralizes negative energy. As the aura is infused with light and color from the stones, the individual may experience altered states of awareness, offering the opportunity to utilize the stone’s energy for conscious creative purposes. The purpose and intention of crystal healings is to assist persons to neutralize, balance and align their physical, mental and emotional bodies so they can tap their own inner resource of power and healing.