Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the delicate structure of the colored portions of the eye, the iris. The iris reveals the basic constitutional health level of an individual with detailed information pertaining to their physical strengths and weaknesses. The iris can communicate information on all specific organs of the body and the effects of crises or chronic health challenges to each organ, tissue inflammation levels and tissue integrity throughout the body. Iridology is a sister science to nutrition. Each cell, tissue or organ in the body has specific, identifiable nutritional needs. When the cell does not receive adequate nutritional values, the iris reflects these conditions. The conditions may be due to faulty diet, poor absorption and digestion, environmental pollution or high stress levels. Usually these depletions are noticeable in the iris long before they would be discernible through blood work or laboratory analysis, thus making iridology and nutritional support strong useful tools for preventative self-care.