School & BABES Programs


Our School Workshops stress positive awareness education as a prevention program against self-defeating behaviors and belief systems. Classroom and assembly workshops cover topics including feelings, decision making, coping skills, conflict resolution, anger management, drug and alcohol information, physical and sexual abuse.

Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies – BABES

BABES is a PreK-12 prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse by assisting young people to develop positive living skills.

BABES is a classic present day application of affirmative life principles. The curriculum enables children to develop a desire for healthful living and gives them the ability to better understand how to protect themselves from alcohol and chemical dependency situations among their peers and within the family structure. BABES provides them with accurate, non-judgmental information about the use of alcohol and other drugs.

The information is presented in a manner designed to gain the attention of children using storytelling, bright, colorful puppets, flash cards and songs. 7 session topics include feelings, self-esteem, decision making, peer pressure, coping skills, drug & alcohol information and living in a chemically dependent home.

BABES Kids in Development

Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies for Kids in Development is an activity-based prevention/support group model for use with children aged 7-13, from alcoholic and other drug-dependent homes. It is a 12-week activity based small group, co-facilitated with a licensed counselor if possible. Parent permission is needed.

BABES KIDS uses puppets, stories, role-playing and other activities to educate, build resiliency and guide children through the process of self-awareness. Puppets are used throughout BABES KIDS to personify the personalities and characters of those persons living in chemically-dependent homes, as well as those key people involved in the treatment of the family.

Positively Yours, Inc., a New Jersey Godparent Agency for

Positively Yours, Inc., a New Jersey Godparent Agency for, conducts a two or three day training (depending on the number of participants) that certifies participants to present the program to children. The cost of the training is $295.00 per person for registration and $550.00 (plus 10% shipping) for the kit of puppets and all materials necessary to successfully present the program.

The training may also be presented at your facility with a minimum of 5 prepaid registrants, along with air travel or mileage, a two-day per diem and motel stay for the trainer.

Positively Yours, Inc. is a registered Level Two Provider with the New Jersey Department of Education. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive documentation for 17 hours of Professional Development Activity.

If you would like additional information, to register for a training, or schedule an on-site training please call (609) 266-7868 to speak with our Program Director.