Relationships As A Spiritual Path

Relationships guide us on our spiritual path as we look at ourselves and what we have created. When we look at all our relationships as reflections of ourselves, we can then ask ourselves the question, “What quality or negative characteristic of myself would I have to believe, in order to have this reflecting in my relationship?” Is the reflection showing me I deserve to be treated kindly? That I believe I should be supported in my endeavors, both physically & emotionally? That I am enough just as I am?

Often our old beliefs that we took on as children are still being reflected in our adult relationships. If we look clearly at our present circumstances or reflection, and deeply inside, we will often see the errors of our thinking. We can then easily change that thinking and thus change the reality of our lives.

If there is any negativity being expressed, I need to look at my beliefs and change those, to then have the new positive beliefs reflect through the relationship. We can’t blame anyone or anything for our reflection, which empowers us to change our own reality for the better.

Use your relationships to look at what your thoughts are reflecting. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am reflecting all my thoughts and beliefs after all! Have fun changing the reflection to what you want it to be!