Simple Spiritual Concepts

On this page, we want to share simple, practical applications of universal, spiritual principles. The passages are excerpts from our featured TV segment called “Positively Yours”, which aired in 1998 on the local cable program “Awakening Perceptions.” Some of the ideas may ask you to stretch your beliefs. Stay open-minded to trying some of the ideas, and see if applying these principles to your life creates more happiness and joy. You might want to bookmark this page for a quick “spiritual pick-me-up” if you find yourself in a negative space during your day. Enjoy!


Growing spiritually brings a new sense of freedom and joy. We often have to transcend or change our old ideas, ideas we took on when we were children. We need to question our beliefs to see if they are truly ours, or are they beliefs we just accepted because adults told us to? Are you strong enough in your beliefs, that you could be on stage in front of an auditorium full of people and stand up for them? We’re going to look at our beliefs here to see just where we stand.

We make the analogy that we’re all at a swimming pool, with the water in the pool being the Pool of Spiritual Understanding. Some are fully in the pool, while others are along the sides of the pool, just dangling their feet in, and still others are out of the pool sitting on the lounge chairs, just watching and listening. We’re all at the same spot, just at different levels. What we ask is that you stay on this page for the next few minutes and don’t go out browsing the Internet! Take what you like and leave the rest, you can always go back to your previous perceptions if they suit you!

Growing spiritually also brings increased physical health, as we’ve learned so much about the mind-body connection. We hope the principles and tools we share, when applied to your life, will enhance your life in all areas. It may seem difficult at times to change, but once you do, you will experience more joy and fulfillment.


The Spiritual principle we are going to talk about here is the principle that we create our reality by our thoughts. We all know of the benefits of positive thinking, how what we think determines how we feel, how good thoughts produce good feelings. Well how we think truly does become the reality of our lives!

We are all powerful spiritual beings that co-create with the universe whatever we want in our lives. The problem is that many people do not realize this truth and create lots of negative experiences unknowingly. Many people don’t want to accept this principle either, because they don’t want to accept responsibility for creating the negatives in their lives. But we are not victims and by accepting this principle as a fundamental truth, we are empowered fully with the possibility of changing any negatives into positives, and creating the very best that we want in our lives.

If you could tape all your thoughts for a day, and then play them back, what tone would the tape take on? Think about your thoughts this past day…would you want everything you thought to materialize? We need to fine tune our thoughts and stay as absolutely positive as possible to project that into our lives.

When ever you catch yourself thinking negatively, say to yourself silently or out loud if you’re able “I hold only the highest good in my mind.” That way you can shift your perception from the negative thought and get back into a positive one. Ask your higher self to keep you aware of any negative self talk or thoughts you have throughout your day. This is where we need to stand vigil at the door of our minds.

If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t, you can’t, either way you are right! Believe in who you are and know you deserve a good and joyful life. When you believe that, the universe will conspire with you to fulfill your destiny. Thought is energy and energy creates. Thought is the energy that we all have access to. It is the creative force of the universe. Unleash the power of your mind and create the life you want Change your mind to change your life.


We talk about being spiritual beings on a human journey, always connected to our spiritual source, remembering we are always provided for and loved. Here, we want to talk about how we get guidance from this spiritual source and talk about our intuition, along with how meditation or quiet thinking brings us the answers we desire.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the better it gets. How many times have you said to yourself, “I knew I should (or shouldn’t) have done that, something told me,” and you did not listen! Well that something was your intuition or the voice of your higher self.

We’ve all experienced our intuition, whether we realized that’s what it was, or not. It’s that hunch, flash of insight or “Ah ha” to a problem, which usually comes right at the time when we really need it. That guidance or intelligence is available to all of us at all times if we choose to access it.

And to access it one must become quiet. One must be balanced and centered. Meditation is the best tool known of for that. Through meditation and silence, the consciousness is purified. After a period of meditation one becomes quiet enough to hear the answer. Using the Quick Relax Mediation (located on a separate page on this website)only takes a few seconds to do and allows any direction to come easily and effortlessly.

Guidance can also come from a chance passage in a book, in the middle of a conversation about a totally unrelated topic, as a flash when you least expect it (like when you’re brushing your teeth), even on a billboard or bumper sticker you may pass in the car.

Meditation definitely has its benefits for health, and also to receive the intuitive guidance we all seek. Being consciously aware that the Universe is constantly trying to give you direction to make your life better is the key. Following your Intuition only brings more joy and happiness. Your part is to know you deserve the best, staying aware, and receiving the guidance. Use the quick relax meditation to consciously connect to your intuition…connect, trust and have fun receiving your answers!


Here we are going to talk about the spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. It is the law of perfect balance, of logical sequence and the inevitable consequence. The law of “what we send out comes back” , of “whatever a man sows, he reaps” , it’s the law of Karma.

The law is impartial and unchangeable. It’s as basic as the law of gravity.

Every person’s actions produce an effect in his life, and each person knowingly or unknowingly continually sets the law into motion. This means that life must, and does, return to us the creation of all our thoughts, motives and desires whether they are intended for ourselves or others. It means the thought of judgment, criticism or condemnation must in turn operate against the one who sets it in motion. An act of kindness begets an act of kindness and vice versa regarding negative experiences.

Many unhappy experiences in a person’s life result from the law returning what was once set in motion, often done when a person was unaware of this Universal Law. The positive outlook to this truth is that we can choose to consciously stay aware of this law and send out the best to ourselves and others, to have that return to us. I personally think of my life and actions like a boomerang, and I want the boomerang to come back to me with all the good possible.

The Law of Cause an Effect responds to every person’s belief in life, regardless of that the level of that belief. It’s like our swimming pool analogy. We’re all at the pool of Spiritual Understanding with many people in the pool splashing around, while others are along the edges, just dangling their feet in, while still others are up on the chaise lounges on the sides, just listening and watching. We’re all at the same spot, just at different levels of understanding. We hope sharing this Universal Law with you increases your understanding of how life works, to empower you with the ability to create more positive in your life. We will all be happier if we send out the positive and live the golden rule, because that truly represents the impartial reality to life here. What you send out comes back. When you truly realize this, you choose to send out the very best!


Here, we want to talk with about the Law of Acceptance and Divine Order. Imagine being and resting in the fact that everything is happening for the best, no matter what is happening right now. And imagine for a moment accepting everyone just as they are, knowing they are exactly how they are meant to be just at this moment. And not only is everything OK in your life, but YOU are OK too, just as you are meant to be right now! This is the peace and serenity that comes from living in the law of Acceptance and Divine Order.

We have talked about being spiritual beings on a human journey, always connected to our Source. Being connected to our Spiritual Source, it is wonderful to rest in the knowing that this source will always provide exactly what we need, when we need it. We realize our lives are under the influence of a positive, wonderful, life flow. We live in this constant flow , and often our stresses and problems are the result of us pushing against it, out of fear or unknowing. Relaxing into the truth of Divine Order, we can affirm it in our lives anytime we feel stressed or when things are not going as we think they should. Staying aware of this truth , we stay in the positive flow of life which is what Divine Order is all about.

Trusting is a fundamental part of accepting this principle. Many of us have a hard time trusting, possibly because of a deep rooted false belief that life must be hard, or that we don’t deserve the very best that life has to offer. We think it can’t be this easy. But trusting is a part of our Spiritual growth and by affirming Divine Order whenever we seem fearful or stressed, we stay in the positive flow and see how the very best happens. Hindsight often proves this to us. We start looking at life as challenges for us to grow into the best people we can be, not just problems to be solved.

When things are going in a different way than what you have originally planned, when you get delayed or plans get changed, or even when that car in front of you is moving slower than you would like, say to yourself or affirm out loud, “Divine Order, I know this is happening for my best.” Relax and accept the situation exactly as it is. This puts you right back into your center of peace and serenity. With practice this gets easier and easier and you trust the process more and more. The great thing that is learned is that you do not have to give up your peace, no matter what is going on around you. As you fully accept what is happening around you, you stay out of any fearful emotions, and can act, not react to the situation. You feel more empowered in the process, not angry at yourself for giving your serenity away.

It has been wisely said, our serenity is in direct proportion to our acceptance of life. We can learn to let go of our fear based thoughts, trust the Universal flow of life and enjoy the journey even more along the way. Practice acceptance and watch the change in your level of happiness.


Here, we want to talk about the Power of Prayer and how it works in your life. Prayer is a mental, as well as spiritual function of intelligence. Prayer is the conscious communication with our Spiritual source, asking for direction and guidance in the decision making process of life, along with the affirming process of believing it is accomplished. We’ve all prayed to some spiritual source when things have not gone the way we wanted. The true power of prayer is to pray for direction on a moment to moment basis to stay in the divine order and flow of life, realizing the Universe wants only the best for ourselves and others.

Prayer is not an act of overcoming negative, but an active acceptance of life’s highest good. Prayer is constructive because it allow us to establish closer contact with source of wisdom. Prayer sets the universal law of creation into motion. There has been documented proof that prayer works, and that means there’s documented proof that our thoughts or prayers create. Every good thought is a prayer! Prayer is the verbal or mental affirmation of all our wants and desires. Our part is to ask believing and knowing that our highest good will manifest in our lives.

So we learn to go deeply within ourselves, and speak as though there were a Presence there that knows, and we can be certain that there is an Intelligence in the Universe to which we may come, that will guide us and inspire us.

Prayer has power, not through repetition, but by belief and acceptance. Prayer should be simple, direct and receiving. The phrase pray without ceasing means to be always on the affirmative side of life, to stay in constant contact with the law of Good, to keep a constant recognition of our connection to our Spiritual Source. Stay in constant contact with your Spiritual Source through prayer and meditation, and create the life you want and deserve.


Here, we want to talk about Faith and Fear. The Course in Miracles states there are only two feelings, love and fear, with all the other emotions that we experience falling under those two categories. With the remembrance of our Spiritual Nature and our connection to the source, we can eliminate all fear in our lives, but it takes a leap of faith to do that.

We all have such a fearful nature due to mis-creating negative experiences for ourselves and with all the negative thoughts that play over and over in our minds. Our egos keep us in fear, trying to keep us from remembering our divinity and who we really are, trying to keep us less than, and thus in fear. Fear can alter our perceptions where we lose all sense of reality, turning neutral situations into nightmares. Fear focuses on the future, so if we can learn to stay in the present, we can take positive steps to warding off the effects of fear. Most of our fears will never come to pass, and if they do, foreknowledge probably wouldn’t make us any better prepared. But as we grow in faith, self-esteem and our trust in our Spiritual Source, we become capable of taking appropriate action in any situation.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and Fear is the absence of Faith. Even a small amount to faith will start things changing in your life. All our thoughts are creative. When you are in the thought process of having faith and believing that good will happen, the Universe agrees with you and creates that belief. So having Faith creates the positive in our lives.

It takes that leap of faith to transcend the negative beliefs in your life. Try it, you might like it. Go about your days, staying in the thought process of always being connected to your Spiritual Source and see if your day doesn’t go more positively and with less fear. Let the letters of the word FEAR mean …. Face Everything And Receive (the truth). Most fears, when faced, vanish. Face yours and cultivate more faith in yourself and life, to create the life your want and deserve.


Here, we want to talk about visualization and the creation process. We all create our reality with our thoughts. The techniques of creative visualization work and are exciting to everyone who uses them because you realize you can create whatever you want in life. This takes us out of the negative, powerless attitude that life is just something that happens to us, and that all we can do is make the best of it. That is basically a victim position which gives power to people and things outside of ourselves. Using the visualization process, we realize the power rests within us, and we can choose to create our lives exactly the way we want them to be.

The process of creating what you want in your life begins with your acceptance of your spiritual nature and the belief that the Universe wants only the best for you and others. Resting in that belief, you go into quiet meditation and literally see in your minds eye what you want to create in your life, seeing every detail as clearly as possible. Then while you are viewing your mental picture, you let the feelings come up that would occur as you experience the visualization. After staying with your mental picture and the feelings for a short time, you release the picture with a great feeling of gratitude, knowing the visualization will materialize at the right time, if it’s for your highest good.

The process is amazingly effective and quite often the things you picture will come true quickly and in unexpected ways. As you explore the process of creating you own reality, you will soon realize the creative power that you feel comes from some other source, other than your personality or ego self. Some things that you think you want, won’t manifest, and in retrospect you may see that it wasn’t for your highest good. Other things may occur so miraculously that it will seem as if some unseen force is putting everything into place.

The best way to create is to first tune into your intuition, and then follow the direction you receive. Our intuition seems to know how to guide us in creating our lives for the best, better than if we tried to figure it out for ourselves, keeping us in the positive flow of life and divine order.

Let go of control, allow your Spiritual self to be in charge, and co-create the very best with the Universe, using the visualization process.


Here, we want to talk about gratitude and joy, which go hand in hand with spiritual growth. Gratitude is the basic ingredient for happiness. It is hard to be unhappy when you are thinking about all the things that you are thankful for.

We often take so much for granted and expect so much, failing to notice and appreciate the wonderful gifts of life around us. When we take an inventory of our life’s assets, we realize we are indeed rich. Our health, our families, our homes, and our friends account for so many of our blessings. A daily account of the little things we are grateful for keeps us in the affirming belief of the goodness in the Universe, and what life should be for us.

As we live more with an attitude of gratitude, we begin to give up the path of struggle as a way to learn life’s lessons, and we are finally ready to embrace the path of joy. For many, living in joy requires a profound shift in their perception of reality. For so long many of us have played out negative dramas in our minds, only to have those expectations become a self-fulfilling prophecy. By staying in gratitude and choosing to live in joy, we learn to stop the dramas and trust in the goodness of life, expecting the best in every situation. In the creative process of life, as we have previously shared, what we focus on increases, so focusing on the good in life creates more of the same, thus increasing our joy.

The power of gratefulness is amazing. All the other spiritual principles we talk about will not blossom or flourish without gratitude. If you want to travel the spiritual journey, gratitude is not an option.

We have so much to be thankful for, so much to smile about and share. Life is like the two sides of a coin. There is a positive and a negative side to every situation. Our job is to see the positive in every situation and to stay in the gratitude and joy of the experience, knowing the positive it is there even if we can’t see it…yet. This keeps us grateful for every experience in life, knowing it is an opportunity for our growth. And the joy that comes from having a grateful heart keeps us motivated on this spiritual journey called life.

Cultivate and practice staying in gratitude on a daily basis and watch the amazing transformation in your life. It is well worth the effort. Create your own happiness and joy.


Here, we want to talk about Health and Healing from the Spiritual point of view. Our body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our body is always talking to us, if we would only take time to tune inwardly and listen. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think, and every word you speak. Continuous modes of negative thinking and speaking create negative dis- eases or illnesses within your being.

The spiritual being within each of us is perfect, whole, happy and in perfect health always. Your physical and emotional health is dependent upon what your thoughts and spiritual beliefs are about yourself, and how much you believe or remember the spiritual truth about yourself.

Healing is accomplished by uncovering, neutralizing and erasing any false thoughts or beliefs, and letting the perfect idea reflect itself through the mind into the body. We’ve talked about the power of the mind to create, and this is another example of just how powerful we are. Correcting our thinking about ourselves and remembering the truth of our being resonates through every cell of our bodies, out-picturing our true nature, which is the essence of perfect health.

The holistic philosophy of health is to nurture and nourish the entire being, the body, mind and spirit. If we ignore any of these areas, we are incomplete and we lack wholeness. With our bodies, we work with nutrition, exercise and bodywork. With the mind we use visualization, guided imagery and affirmations. And with the Spirit we use prayer, meditation and remembering our connection to our Spiritual Source. Remember who you are and create the health and well being that is truly yours.


Here we want to talk about Affirmations and the Power of Positive thinking. Affirmations are any statements you make. Our thoughts create our reality. We know that staying positive creates positive, and that is what we all want in our lives. But too often we think in negative affirmations or statements. Our internal critic runs rampant throughout our thoughts. Negative affirmations only create more of what you don’t want. It’s so true, negative creates negative. We need to affirm the positive statements of what we want in our lives and stay in positive thought only. Saying “I hate my job” gets you nowhere. Declaring “I now accept a wonderful new job” will open the channels in your consciousness to create that for yourself.

Continuously make positive statements about how you want your life to be. However, there is one point that is very important in this process. Always make your statements in the present tense, such as “I am…’” or “I have….”. The subconscious mind is such an obedient servant that if you declare things in the future tense, like “I want…” or “I will have…,” then that is where it will always stay, out of your reach and in the future!

We create new experiences for ourselves using affirmations and thought. The soil you plant is in your subconscious mind and the seed is the new affirmation. Your whole experience is in this tiny seed. You water it with affirmations and the sunshine of positive thought. You weed your mental garden by pulling out any negative thoughts that come up, and then you watch it grow and become your desired result.

You become what you want, by affirming that you already are that. Create your list of affirmations today, and start the changes in your reality!


Here, we want to talk about Miracles and how they occur on a moment to moment basis. Miracles can be called phenomena that serves to nurture, protect and enhance spiritual growth. They are events that are either incompletely understandable or totally obscure according to the principles of natural law. Their occurrence is frequent, routine and universal among all humanity. And although potentially influenced by human thought, their origin is outside our conscious will and beyond the process of conscious decision making.

Miracles indicate that our growth as human beings is being assisted by a force other than our conscious will. We call that force our spiritual Source, and when you realize your connection to that source, miracles appear to happen all the time. The synchronicity of events and how life flows easily and joyously becomes the norm. We start looking for the little miraculous events of each day, and realize there is a force of good guiding our way. When unexpected things happen, it brings us back to the realization and remembrance of who we are and how life works! We are all meant to be joyously happy and healthy.

We can all become miracle workers in our daily interactions with others. The Course in Miracles states that a shift in our thoughts or perceptions can change any situation miraculously. When we can see someone’s negative actions as a result of their forgetting who they are, and act loving towards them regardless, this action transforms the situation into one of love, rather that one of aggression, which is a miracle by all means.

When we can see someone’s illness as a result of their forgetting who they are and their perfect health, and we perceive the truth about that person, affirming their health, their bodies respond to the truth, creating a miraculous healing. A miraculous healing is just the body resuming its true, natural state of wholeness.

“There are no coincidences,” and “Miracles are God’s way of remaining anonymous“. Realize your connection to your Source and have fun recognizing and experiencing the miracles of Life, on a moment to moment basis!


Here, we want to talk about our oneness and our interconnectedness to each other on all levels, spiritually, physically and mentally. The awareness that we are all connected is like imagining that we are all the droplets of a cloud, with the cloud being the essence of life. We each play an intricate part in the make-up of life, and we are all equal in our value, no matter what we do. We are one race, on a spiritual journey.

When you also realize that everything is made up of the same atoms, with the molecules spinning at different rates, then you truly realize that physically we are all connected. We’re a moving mass of universal energy, one song in the uni-verse, flowing together, yet seemingly apart and different.

Mentally or telepathically we’re all connected also. Have you ever thought of someone, only to have the phone ring and that person be on the other line? Each person is a cog in the wheel of life. Each person and every action is connected and effects the other, with the experience of life needing each individual person.

We are all one, just some remember and are aware of it more than others. Staying aware of our oneness brings increased health and wellness, as well as joy and peace.

It has been said our only true sin is our forgetfulness of the knowledge that we are all connected to our spiritual source and each other. When we forget that, we act out of fear and express the negative behaviors that are associated with unloving acts. Remember your connection everyday and enjoy the peace and security that knowledge brings.


Our topic here is on transformation, how changing our thoughts changes our lives. Our thoughts create our reality and we can recreate our lives by changing our negative thinking into positive. Another way of saying this is “you will see it when you believe it.”

So often our logical minds want it the other way. We’ll only believe it after we have first seen it. The universal truth works exactly the opposite way. First comes the thought, then the out picturing of that mental state. You have probably heard we often create what we fear? We do it for a learning experience or lesson, but we’ve created it by thinking the fearful thoughts and also giving them emotional energy. Added together, thought and emotions are the force that creates.

We often don’t want to accept this because we then have to own the negative in our lives. But when we do accept this principle, then we have the power to change the course of our lives and transform them into wonderful experiences by giving energy to positive thoughts and feelings. Think how often you have created positive in your life. You have the power to do this consciously and at will. It’s using your mind rightly!

Transformation comes when we can constantly challenge our thinking and affirm the positive that we want in our lives until it becomes the reality. We need to stay diligent in listening to what we are thinking and saying, and even if we have to fake it until we make it, we need to stay in the positive thought process as much as possible. You will see the results as soon as you believe it!

It’s so empowering to realize we can change and transform our lives into the wonderful experiences that we want and deserve. Practice monitoring your thoughts this week and only give time and energy to the positive. Transform your life and enjoy the results!


Here, we want to talk about the spiritual law of giving or reciprocation. We have talked about the law of cause and effect, of how what we send out comes back, how an act of kindness begets an act of kindness. The law of giving works along those same principles, only when it comes to the law of giving, the principle is multiplied tenfold.

It is truth that as you give from your heart, so you will receive. So often though we don’t give from our heart. We give to get, or give to manipulate situations to go as we would want them to. We do this out of fear and the belief that somehow we will lose part of ourselves, or be depleted and left with less than what we think we need. When we do this, we are forgetting that we are connected to the spiritual source of life and can never be without. We have forgotten our true spiritual nature.

Remembering who we are, we can give freely, as we know we are constantly supplied with everything we need. Our cup is filled to overflowing and we can share it all with each other. We know the cup will stay filled and overflowing as long as we keep emptying it out. There is no fear of lack, because we realize that we have it all, as does everyone else. And we give lovingly from the heart, without thought of gaining anything in return, because there is no need. We let go of the attachments that keep us weighted down, and go more joyously through life. The paradox is that as we give in this way, so the universe responds back with more given unto us!

Remembering our connection to our spiritual source brings peace and serenity in all situations. Staying in that remembrance allows us to give and share freely of life’s gifts and abundance. Practice giving this week, be it love, time, or material things, and experience the joy of receiving all the wonderful feelings and growth it brings to you.


Here, we want to talk about letting go… of the past, present and future events in our lives, which often weigh us down and keep us out of the present moment. Letting go takes faith and trust in the goodness of the universe, and maintaining the belief that we deserve the best life has to offer.

When we hold on to the past, we waste precious energy over something that can’t be changed. The past is really only a collection of thoughts and experiences that we went through to learn our life’s lessons and to bring us to our present awareness. If we choose not to let go of the past events, we need to look at why we are holding onto guilt or negative feelings, and then consciously choose to let them go.

When we hang onto the present, it is because of our need to control and our fear that things won’t go our way. Our fear is really an illusion because we truly can’t control anything except our own thoughts and actions. When we let go of today we remind ourselves that there is a natural order to life and a chain of events that the Universe has in mind. As we let go of a situation we allow life to unfold according to that plan. We can then enjoy the moment exactly as it is, or let other ways of thinking or behaving enter in.

When we won’t let go of the future, we again waste energy worrying about projected outcomes, often accompanied with fear. Change is inevitable and when we become willing to accept change, we can let go of our efforts to influence the future and become freer to experience the present. We rest in the belief that we are connected to the spiritual source and that the best will happen in every situation.

Holding onto the past, present or future is like trying to grasp water in our hands. The harder we grab, the faster it slips through our fingers. Learn to let go and reap the results of a happier, more joyous life.


Here, we want to talk about just being. We spend so much time focused on our body and also on our doing or accomplishments in life. We are called human beings, not human doings, but we’ve had it reversed for many years! Somewhere we lost the idea of our perfection and connection to life as it is meant to be.

Part of spiritual growth is the realization that we are spiritual beings on a human journey and that we are perfect just the way we are. It is true we all have different talents and personalities, qualities and faults. But the truth of the matter is that we are all exactly the way we are meant to be at this one moment. We can rest in just being and being OK with who we are. In that acceptance is pure peace.

The author of the books, “The One Minute Manager” and “The One Minute Meditator,” stress the importance of taking a minute out of different segments of our day to remember our goals and who we are. Practice taking that one minute to just sit and be, taking the entire focus off of what you’re doing, and enjoying the moment and yourself just as it is. It’s similar to the idea of “stopping to smell the roses,” only the focus is on OKness with yourself, without any actions or events happening.

Taking that moment to just “be” benefits your mental performance, as well as your physical well being. Our thoughts create and our cells respond to all our thoughts. If your thoughts are on acceptance and joy, then that is what will be out pictured in your body and life as optimum health and balance.

Being able to recognize and relax into a state of being is both enriching and rewarding to your emotional and physical health. Remember who you are today and practice your one minute segments of being, especially when things seem tense or hectic, and watch the changes happen in your life. Being happy and carefree is how we are meant to be!


Here, we want to talk about the spiritual truth of our identity, the remembrance that we are NOT human beings on a spiritual journey, but rather, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.

When we remember we are spiritual beings first, then we remember our connection to the spiritual source of life, and all our fears and worries drop away. Being connected to the Source of the Life, we realize we will always be cared for and provided for, loved and nurtured. All fears of not having, not being good enough, not being worthy, they slip away… and we proceed in our lives with empowerment and joy.

Whenever we have a anxious or stressful moment in our lives, all we need to do is quickly remember our spiritual connection, and peace and serenity will return, even if the situation is a difficult one. We can better handle our difficulties if we are calm and centered, and when we realize that all our answers are within us. This technique also keeps us healthier, as our stress levels remain low, thus maintaining a healthy chemical balance in the body.

Growing spiritually brings greater health and joy. We often have to change or transcend negative ideas and beliefs that we mistakenly took on in childhood. Young children remember who they are, they don’t have all that negative conditioning piled on them. It’s been said, “Become like little children to enter the kingdom.” Remember who you are and watch that joy return. This week whenever you are stressed or have a thought of being “less than,” “not good enough,” or “fear not having what you need,” remember who you are, and watch that fear and negativity leave. And knowing your connection is the same as everyone else, watch all struggle with competition cease as we live in a world of equality and harmony, one race on a spiritual journey.


Relationships guide us on our spiritual path as we look at ourselves and what we have created. When we look at all our relationships as reflections of ourselves, we can then ask ourselves the question, “What quality or negative characteristic of myself would I have to believe, in order to have this reflecting in my relationship?” Is the reflection showing me I deserve to be treated kindly? That I believe I should be supported in my endeavors, both physically & emotionally? That I am enough just as I am?

Often our old beliefs that we took on as children are still being reflected in our adult relationships. If we look clearly at our present circumstances or reflection, and deeply inside, we will often see the errors of our thinking. We can then easily change that thinking and thus change the reality of our lives.

If there is any negativity being expressed, I need to look at my beliefs and change those, to then have the new positive beliefs reflect through the relationship. We can’t blame anyone or anything for our reflection, which empowers us to change our own reality for the better.

Use your relationships to look at what your thoughts are reflecting. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am reflecting all my thoughts and beliefs after all! Have fun changing the reflection to what you want it to be!


Let’s take a moment at do a small meditation to prove to ourselves just how powerful our minds are. We call this the Lemon Meditation. We invite the viewers to join in and experience this process. Shut your eyes for a minute and imagine you have a wonderful fresh lemon in your hand. Imagine feeling the skin, with all the little nubs on it. Hold it up to your nose, breath in the lemony smell. Now imagine taking a small knife and cutting the lemon in half, seeing the juice squirt out when you put the knife into it. Now imagine bringing that lemon half up to your mouth and you taking a big bite into the lemon. Is you mouth full of saliva? Saliva is the bodies way to protect the mouth tissues from acidic juices. You told your mind that you were putting something acidic into your mouth and the body responded. Yet physically that didn’t happen, only in your mind! Do you see how powerful your mind is?