Wellness Is

  1. knowing what your needs are and how to get them met;
  2. expressing emotions in ways that communicate what you are experiencing
    to other people;
  3. acting assertively, and not passively or aggressively;
  4. enjoying your body by means of adequate nutrition, exercise and physical
  5. being engaged in projects that are meaningful to you;
  6. knowing how to create friendships with others;
  7. responding to challenges in life as opportunities to grow in strength and
    maturity; rather than feeling beset by “problems”;
  8. creating the life you really want, rather than just reacting to what “seems to
  9. relating to troublesome physical symptoms in ways that bring
    improvement in conditions as well as increased knowledge about yourself;
  10. enjoying a basic sense of well-being, even through times of adversity;
  11. knowing your own inner patterns…emotional and physical… and
    understanding “signals” your body gives you;
  12. trusting that your own personal resources are your greatest strength for
    living and growing;
  13. and experiencing yourself as a totally, Wonderful Person!