Your Daily Survival Kit

The Necessary Objects in Life which serve as everyday reminders of spiritual principles. We use them all the time and thinking of them this way can both reduce stress, help us change our attitudes and be happier!!

A Toothpick: To remind you to pick out the good qualities in other people.

A Rubber Band: To remind you to be flexible; things may not always go the way you want, but they always work out.

A Band-aid: To remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s.

A Pencil: To remind you to list your blessings.

An Eraser: To remind you that everyone makes mistakes and it’s OK, mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Glue:: To remind you to stick with it, if you do, you can accomplish anything.

A Mint: To remind you you’re worth it, and to make a commit”mint” to relax.

A Tea Bag: For when you are in hot water, to help you simmer down, and to remind you to take time for yourself, you’ve earned it.

Cotton: For all the rough roads ahead.

A Paper Clip: For holding things together

A Balloon: To blow out your stress and then squeeze to release your tensions.

A Happy Face: Because smiling not only increases your face value, it is contagious.

A Candle: To see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Elastic: To remind you to stretch or reach to be all that you can be.

Reinforcements: To remind you we all need help, and others.

A Penny: So that you may never say you’re broke, and to help you adapt to “change”

A Marble: So that you may never be told you’ve lost all of yours.

A Ball: To remind you to play and have fun.

This Bag: For all your worries.

A Rose:: To remind you to stop and smell the flowers, and find the simple beauty in everything.

A Star: To keep you focused and so you never feel alone

An Angel: To remind you who you really are!

Life Saver: A reminder that managing stress can make your “life” a “hole” lot better.

Bubble Gum: To remember not to blow it!

Lemonade: If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!